When I bought this floral/polka dot shirt I was obsessed.  Seeing as it's such a bold print, when I wore it, I thought I was taking a bit of a fashion risk.  Little did I know the whole male community of West Hollywood age 18-25 also took that same risk.  I wore it once and literally saw 2 guys wearing the same shirt... Nothing kills me more than a "NICE SHIRT" from a guy wearing the same shirt as me.  How much of a basic bitch am I?...What's next?...Pumpkin Spice Lattes?  Michael Kors?  Sadly, I wore it again and was informed that it was also the same shirt Cody Simpson wore in one of his music video.  Not up on my Disney kid knowledge, I did my research and sure enough he did.   To my dismay,  if InTouch Weekly did their "Who wore it better" I unfortunately feel I may lose.  Sadly the shirt didn't save his relationship with Gigi Hadid, or save his career, but in this battle he won.  Cody-1Sektual-0

Hat Brixton // Sunglasses Dior // Shirt Insight // Watch Vestal // Bracelet Cartier // Jeans Levis // Boots Harris xo Barney's NY