Green With Envy

Green is my favorite color.  The color of money, my juice, and your envy.  There are so many haters out there.  I think it all stems from jealousy.  You never hear people talk shit about people "below" them.  They do, however, talk about the guy with the better job, the guy who stole their partner, or the guy who's a "10" to their "4."   My jacket is also green.  This Rag & Bone jacket is one of my favorites.  I tend to wear a lot of black, and this adds a little bit of color, but still easy to wear.  Go drink your green juice, make that money to buy this green jacket, and then there is no need to be envious-- World peace.  I should really go into politics. 

Hat New Era // Sunglasses Celine // Button Down H&M // Sweatshirt Acne Studio // Jacket Rag & Bone // Pants Zanerobe // Shoes Nike