Hot Mess Express

The birthday festivities are officially over and I hate the attention associated with any birthday.  Don't get me wrong, I love attention, but I like to earn it the old fashion way; by being fun and funny.  On birthdays everyone is smothered in birthday love (which is cute), but I am pretty sure we hate each other.  Why are you sending birthday love, and hoping I have a great day?!  I know you hope I get dragged behind a semi truck face down [maybe so I am on your same playing field, a few notches below my own.]  However to your dismay, didn't get hit by a truck, but I feel like I did this morning.  This outfit is brought to you courtesy of my hangover (also known to my friends as "K-Hole".)  "K-Hole" is a term used in gauging the severity of one's hangover- so naturally, the term is applicable today, post birthday.  The most accurate description of "K-hole" would be a a blend of vertigo, sea sickness, and moderate food poisoning- and no amount of Panda Express or other hangover remedies will make you feel human again.  The outfit is the least of my problems. 

Sunglasses Dior // Jacket Vintage Levis // Tshirt Honda // Pants Zanerobe // Shoes Moschino