Atleast Life Wants To Fuck Me

It's highly disappointing after years of wishing for time to pass (i.e. to turn 16 and get a license, or graduate high school or to turn 21 to legally drink) I realized I wished-away my entire life.  Somehow the fairy tale "happily-ever-after" never happened... and now seems further and further from a reality.  The older I get, the more fires I have to put out.  My hangovers now last 3 days... there are money dilemmas, health scares, and the adult decision making.  It really sucks getting old.  I find myself constantly stressed out from problems I can't control; and really the only thing that helps is a stiff drink!  I think it's an in-justification that we were constantly told as kids that it's all going to end "happy."  Maybe it doesn't.  Maybe the best years of our are life over, and its all downhill from here.  Kinda like this "No Parking" a parking lot.  What kind of fuckery is this?!

"Jack and Jill went up the hill, Jack burnt out on booze and pills.  Mary had a little lamb, Mary just don't give a damn no more."

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