Unapologetic, Sorry

When is this presidential election over?  We have one candidate making fun of the other's hair, another one harassing the others candidate's ears, the other one got cheated on with a cow in a Gap dress....Let me make it easy on all of you: none of you are going to win America's Next Top Model so y'all need to chill.  I would stick to how you can help our country, as the physical beauty on all of you have a lot to be desired; none of you are Kennedy's.  As you can tell I really don't have a single political bone in my body (just on my feet) ...I do, however,  feel passionate about the election interfering with my regular scheduled television programming...that in itself is unconstitutional, sorry.

Sunglasses Dita Eyewear // Jacket Acne Studios // Tshirt Kelly Cole // Shorts Zanerobe // Shoes Converse // Backpack Simon + Krull