I Would Rather Drop A Child Than My Phone

Real talk: When I was a kid, I was invincible... We played rough, but we had fun.  I had more stitches than a Raggedy Ann doll...but I ended up "OK."  People are so sensitive about their children; they are raising them to be little assholes.  I had some scrapes and bruises, but nothing a band-aid couldn't fix.  Now, I drop my iphone and it's $175 dollars to repair the screen.  Kids these days feel entitled because they are spoiled-rotten.  I know what you are thinking..."Great story Grandpa!"  But living in LA, I see firsthand how parents are buying their children's love ...and the decrease evolution of "family."  Those neglected kids, grow up to be shitty teenagers, who get knocked up, we watch them on Teen Mom, and the cycle continues.  I still play too rough; this outfit is black like my bruises...usually from drunk shenanigans.

**Side note: I pretty much despise all children except my intelligent, vivacious, perfect nephews Miles, Landon, & Vaughn <3 Uncle loves you!**