Milk My Tits

I have always been a little (lot) different.  Let me paint you a picture; Minnesota, 2003, Honors English class (always was a bright star). Having to write a 15 page essay of persuasion, I decided to write my piece about how 'milk from cows is evil'.  I compose page after page with cross reference, scientific facts, and my power of persuasion.  In case that's a topic of interest to you [still] and wondering how I could think up such radical opinions, this facts for you... A cow makes milk for a calf to grow into a cow that weighs a shit ton...Humans drink that same milk... and we wonder why American's are turning into fat cows?  My essay was well thought out and accurate- unlike the grade I received for my diligent work and research.  The [Unsaid] Teacher had an emotional attachment to farm life and a perpetual agricultural boner.  He had an even closer tie to cows; I imagine his wife has a stunningly bovine personality.  Seeing as the midwest's pride and joy is their dairy industry, my topic choice was a bit controversial.  Much like these plaid pants!

Hat Brixton // Jacket Levis // Tshirt Kelly Cole //Pants Etro // Shoes Golden Goose