EASY, breezey, beautiful

First Impressions:  Not one of my strong suits.  My first impression usually consists of being over-served and forming B.F.F. squad goals with strangers.  Which inevitably turns into me always running into "said stranger" on the street...They know my whole life story and I have no recollection of ever meeting them.  They say "it's (their name) from (bar name)" ...I then have to dig my Saint Laurent boot out of my mouth (for looking like a shitty person) and carry on a meaningless conversation.  Fail.

  This leads me into the next awkward first impression scenario...the job interview.  I hate any situation where I have to talk to anyone who thinks they are superior to me.  My mentality is, you posted the job, why should I waste my time to work for you?  I am the catch here, you should be pining after me!  The "buzz" question of the lustrum is "Describe yourself in 3 words?"  Instinctively I want to reply "Easy, Breezey, Beautiful" but instead I have to come up with some P.C. bullshit to get my gold star after the interview.  Fail.

Lastly... a romantic first-date impression...  (silence) (crickets chirp.) ...I wouldn't know.  Forever single.

Hat Brixton // Sunglasses RayBan // Shirt H&M // Jeans Vintage Levis // Bracelet Cartier // Watch Vestal // Shoes Saint Laurent