I need a 6 month vacation, twice a year.

Driving to Palm Springs is so inspiring to me.  It overtakes me entirely.  The mountains paint the perfect backdrop, the sun makes me smile from the inside, and the vibe is so serene it gives me goose bumps.  To make this trip even more special I was able to introduce my parents to my favorite place!  Something about the Ace Hotel makes me want to sell my personal belongings, buy a mini van, road trip, and macrame.  On this trip however, it was more of a binge drink, tan our winter skin, and reminisce by the pool.  Oh and my mom may have rode on a flotation swan in the pool--that she later claims she doesn't remember [selective memory.]  Don't worry, I have the picture evidence.

Side note these pictures are extra special to me cause they were taken by my mom <3

Hat Brixton // Sunglasses RayBan // Jacket Vintage Levis // Shirt Kelly Cole // Jeans Levis // Shoes Saint Laurent