Excess Baggage

We all have our issues, that is inevitable, but seeing people sit back while their "problems" get in the driver seat of their lives is baffling.  It's like they lose all sense of reality and jump on-board the crazy train.  Los Angeles is a tough place to live because it is so vanity driven.  Insecurities run at an all time high, partly because everyone is so fucking hot!  The moment you compare yourself to anyone, you are at risk of self sabotage.  I know there will always be someone hotter, smarter, funnier than me;  I want to meet them... they sound fun!  Some people can't handle knowing they aren't the best and that's where the trouble starts.  It's quite sad.  Having lived in theindustry, I have seen firsthand people "grow out" of the business... and the toll it takes on them.  I have my own issues (I wish my ankles were hotter)...but I carry my baggage is this Simon + Krull overnight bag, and I monogram my shit...  "S" is for Sektual.

Sunglasses RetroSuperFuture // Jacket BLK DNM // Tshirt Kelly Cole // Jeans Wrangler // Shoes Converse // Bag Simon + Krull