What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... Along with my dignity and liver

Somehow I have ended up in Vegas twice in the past three weeks.  Katy Perry said something about "Waking up in Vegas"...but I have to say I think Ke$ha's "...brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack" seems more appropriate lyrics for my experience.  There is no amount of cross-fit that I could have done to get my body ready for the marathon that is Las Vegas.  There is literally nothing to do but drink, gamble, and eat.  Seeing as how a bottle of water costs eight dollars, I more drawn to the free (vodka) drinks at the slots.  I got back to Los Angeles hungover, exhausted, and poor.  These pictures were taken at the airport just moments before I went home to hibernate in my bed for a few days.  Vegas did me dirty.

Hat New Era // Sunglasses Acne Studios // Jacket Vintage // Hoodie The Krooples // Tshirt Kelly Cole // Sweatpants T by Alexander Wang // Shoes Golden Goose