Broken Heart Tattoos

Tattoos have always had a polarizing affect on people.  Some people are obsessed with the ink, while others are utterly repulsed by it.  For me, my tattoos are a visual story-line of my life; both high and low.  A lot of my tattoos come from saddness, but they commemorate a feeling.  You won't see anything tribal on me.

  1.  "Whether you are near or far you are always very close to us in our hears.  Love Mom and Dad"  My mom wrote me this letter and put in my suitcase when I moved to Los Angeles.  It meant so much I had to make it eternal.
  2. "30" my last name means thirty in German so on my 30th birthday it was time to get it done!
  3. "Jai Guru Deva Om" [in white ink] from the Beatles song "Across The Universe" it has no exact translation which I love but roughly translates to: Be your own teacher of the world.  Which has always been a motto for me growing up.  I don't want to read about life, I want to experience it!
  4. "Tyra" [in braille] My beloved cat that I love so much who recently passed.  I had to do something to show how much she means to me!
  5. Feather-- Both my grandma and grandpa loved bird watching...I am personally terrified of birds, but have always been intrigued with feathers.  I thought it was the perfect way to remember them.
  6. "You'll be seeing great sights You'll join the high fliers who soar to high heights" from the Dr. Seuss book "All The Places You'll Go"  I had this book at my high school graduation party that all my friends and family signed.  The book has been with me ever since and is filled with so much love!!  When I need a pick-me-up I look through it and smile!