I am pretty chill for the most part, not too picky, roll with the punches type of person...except for my hatred of bananas.  I don't know if its the disgusting peel, or the gushy texture, but I am literally gagging as I am writing this.  ...and don't even get me started with the smell. {Barf}

The weirdest thing happened a few years ago.  My Jeep Wrangler (soft top) had the windows slashed, homeless people living in it (it was basically me giving back to the community and getting people off the street.  Literally)  Anyways, I went to go to work, and in the back seat was a full bushel of bananas.  What a random item to find!  If it was from a homeless person they would have eaten them. And they weren't garbage, because they were bright yellow and still had that sticker with the lady with fruit on her head on them!  So why would someone put fresh bananas in the backseat of my car?  It was an awakened nightmare trying to get them out without throwing up.  ...and then I found $5 dollars.

(that's what I say to add some excitement when my story ends up being anti-climatic or lost in translation or "had to be there")  Regardless, I almost didn't buy this outfit because of the reference to bananas....but I love me a matching shirt/short comb, so I took one for the team!