Vanderpump Fools

When it comes to clothing I am a boarder-line hoarder.  Not like the Hoarders on A&E where they find they household pets bones under the couch, but like a chic hoarder where all my clothes are organized and displayed.  A few years ago I had a roommate who later would be a reality TV star.  While he lived with me, I noticed things go missing.  [Also if you don't know me I should really be a detective...I know everything.]  Something wasn't adding up...his checks always bounced (when he would attempt to pay me) food would go missing, my (expensive) products were running out at an excessive pace... He had to go!  When he moved out maybe he thought I was moving out too because that bitch stole all my stuff!  I later see him on a little TV show called Vanderpump Rules wearing my favorite cardigan!  You put a sweater on a jackass and it's still a JAXass...  If you didn't catch that pun, yes Jax Taylor was the roommate.  I replaced that cardigan with this Anine Bing cardigan and we (me and my cardigan) are better off.  We look great and he is looking like a douchebag on national television.  #winning

Hat Brixton // Sunglasses RayBan // Sweater Anine Bing // Tshirt T by Alexander Wang // Jeans Levis // Shoes Saint Laurent