There's No Gym For That Face

You may have a hot body, but there is no gym for that face.  It appears if you have a 6 pack in this town, you have the world by the balls.  Unlike most of the butterface bloggers (with the bodies), if a vein is popping out, or if I am swollen, you will find me at the hospital.  Luckily for me there is a gym for my body, cause the face is swole.

Gym Bag Necessities:

  1.  Men's Health Magazine: I like to read the latest workout trends.  I never really implicate them, but it makes me feel healthy reading them.
  2.  Evian: I am one of those people who are brand loyal when it comes to water.
  3.   Lululemon Mat: In New York there was an outbreakt of bed bugs at a gym that spread from the communal mats...No thanks, I'll bring my own.
  4. Deodarant: Duh
  5.  Backpack: I don't remember where I found this bag, but it is perfect to lug around and throw in the nasty gym lockers without any emotional attachment.
  6. Quest Bars:  These are life.  They taste great and they are low calorie, low carb, and high protein.
  7.  Shoes:  These are the original Nike Fly-knit the time these were harder to get than the Yeezys.  They are my favorites.
  8.  Sweatshirt / Hat: Gotta keep it cute no matter where you are, right?
  9. Beats By Dre: These are the best.  I can't workout without them.