Obviously I like to have a good time.  I have the mentality that only boring people can be bored.  I like to let my (Becky with the good) hair down and have a good time... and not much can ruin my vibe.  With that being said, we all have that one friend who is a mood killer.  Their constant drama, stress, and making a mountain of a molehill disposition can really heighten my anxiety.  At the end of the day, I wonder why I am so stressed out...and think to myself,  "Omg, that's not even my issue ...or life...I am literally having my friends sympathy pain...and this anxiety will give me premature wrinkles."  I don't need to throw shade, I block shade with this amazing Stetson (Runabout Pro in Tawny) hat.  Naturally, I make myself a drink and get back to the party and tell him ...Boy/Bye. 

Hat Stetson // Sunglasses Acne Studios // Tshirt Kelly Cole // Suspender Shorts H&M // Shoes Saint Laurent