FULL-TIME Position Open-- looking to hire immediately

I am literally so tired of working!  I never really thought of my future.  I always thought school was a big waste of time...so I didn't invest much time or energy into it.  My philosophy is if you want to devote your life to a career...you should naturally be able to do it.  -Don't believe my philosophy:?  Look at president Bush...clearly he wasn't a "natural" in politics.-  I never knew what I was destined to do... (I mean my talents are endless so why limit myself....right?)  I just always knew I deserved a lot of money.  As I glance at my bank account there are a lot of zeros....sadly there are no numbers in-front of those zeros :/  I feel like life kind of robbed me, and I am tired of wasting my life (and talents) working.  I want to work on my tan and body...not at a j-o-b.  I am looking for someone to fund my lifestyle.  Please send resumes and cover letters to Contact@METROsektual.com and shit-girl you can throw some gift cards or coupons my way too would be fucking awesome!

Looking to Hire Immediately.

Hat & Tshirt LAG Vintage // Sunglasses RayBan // Shorts Levis // Shoes Golden Goose