What does it mean to be an American?  Don't let this red-white-&-blue outfit fool you...I have no idea!  I think I was meant to live in Mexico.  At least I could legally medicate myself (Tijuana!)  -And I love Tacos and Margaritas.  Somehow it's 2016, and I don't have health anxiety is giving me depression or vice-versa...and the hours I spend on my feet working, is making the varicose veins on my legs look like something straight from The Goodies.  The stress of it all, is making my psoriasis flare up like wildfire...literally.  (Don't even get me started on my dentist bills.) Can we talk about how all these Europeans come to America for "holiday"... A month traveling is hardly a "holiday"'s heaven!   Having a 3 day weekend for me is a "holiday"!  What job in America can you leave for a month to vacation and have fun? -I'll apply immediately.  And where do I even begin with this presidential election?  I don't think Bernie can (physically) make it 4 years, Hilary can't even handle her husband (I mean he cheated on her with a woman wearing a GAP dress... He must've been desperate), and Trump's signature tag line is "You're fired"-The Apprentice.  That slogan will be great for our unemployment lines. 

The only thing I have faith in these days, is knowing Uncle Sam will rob me every payday with taxes.