Orange Is The New Black

Nothing excites me more in life than a celebrity mugshot.  I have been having such nostalgia lately!  Maybe it's because it's the 10th anniversary of The Hills, which is aging me... But it literally feels like yesterday seeing Audrina at Area Nightclub.  I think back on that time of my life, and would give anything to go back!  LA in the early 2000's was the best time of my life!  Personally, I was at the height of my modeling career, and that meant fashion shows, events, photo shoots, and travel!  In pop culture, it was also my favorite time... Every night I'd wake up to a Lilo mugshot, celebrity vaginas flashed getting out of a limos, M.K. Olsen was 79 lbs, and Britney's meltdowns.  It was a time of Kitson, True Religions and "That's Hot" was everyone's favorite saying.  Days were spent watching The O.C., typing on my Sidekick and nights at Les Dues.  "Last night" by Diddy and "In The Club" by JT, Nelly Furtado and Timberland were my anthems.  I can't help but wonder if LA was just more exciting back then, or if I am just old and jaded now. (There have been no celebrity DUI mugshots, or no drug scandals lately!)

...but do you guys remember The Ashlee Simpson show on MTV... Like Ashlee, I too was feeling rebellious and dyed my blonde hair -->brown... needless to say, my agency must've been feeling rebellious too, when they dropped me for dying my hair without notifying them. ( Side note: I got signed to a much better agency, and I'm pretty sure Otto Models went bankrupt) #winning