My face is a "4", my personality is a "6"... so I'm basically a "10"

Everyone is LA is a 10 looking for an 11... On a good day I'm a "6", and couldn't be happier.  If I was a "10" how would I ever be able to ever leave a mirror, or take a bad selfie?  It's quite sad how looks are so important, but I find that I too am guilty of being drawn to the physical (I think its inevitable.)  It's that initial attraction that has to drive you to initiate a conversation.  I'm in no position to turn anyone down, so I like to advertise myself with a good outfit.  If you think about it, it's so weird that we decorate our bodies with "stylish" items to try and make an impression on people.   I also like to make impressions the old fashion way with some liquid courage to lower my standards and drunkenly talk to everyone. Clearly that hasn't been an effective marketing tactic for me, so I am open to ideas...  Until then, I am in a committed relationship with this Zara matching button down and shorts...and I've never been more in love.