For the grunters/flexers at the gym.  Relax.  To the thirst on Tindr (not interested). Relax.  To @cocowhiteuk I don't want to advertise your teeth whiting on Instagram.  Relax.  To those highly photoshopped bloggers who are unrecognizable in "real life."  Relax.  To all those meth heads flooding the city of Los Angeles (where are your teeth?). Relax.  To those small-dicked guys with the expensive cars to over-compensate.  Relax.  To those people with the "Romona Eyes" (you know what I mean).  Relax. To the staff at McDonalds who charge me extra for condiments.  Relax.  Donald Trump.  Relax.  To the meatheads who think they are superior cause they have muscles.  Relax.  Lay off the steroids, work on those chicken legs, do some yoga...& Relax.