Don't Drake & Drive

Finally it feels like summer!  I don't know if it's the hick in me, or the living-in-NY-with-no-car in me...but, on hot summer days my favorite activity is driving around, windows down, music bumping.  I know this isn't the most eco-friendly hobby (with the emissions of my Jeep), but it gives me life, so let me live.  My main issue is that I am horrible at multitasking.  When Drake's "One Dance" comes on, it is extremely difficult for me to lip-sync (nobody needs the noise pollution of me actually singing), dance, and most importantly drive [at the same time.] Needless-to-say, in that trio, driving definitely takes a back seat [no pun intended.]  On the freeway I transform into Beyonce...or should I say Sasha Fierce?  I become a definite driving hazard.  As much as I love Drake, and Queen true love is classic rock.   If "Pour Some Sugar On Me" -Def Leppard comes on: GAME OVER-- you better just go ahead and put out the orange cones; cause we are gonna need some serious damage control!  For every-ones well-being, I will stick to just wearing the shirt.

Hat Brixton // Sunglasses Acne Studios // Tshirt Pale Black Vintage // Shorts & Jacket Levis // Shoes Saint Laurent