50 Shades of Beige

I don't like people to touch me; let alone needing a safe word {"RED!"}  My safe word is "I'm not interested."  Not that there is a line out the door trying to get this, but I am being prepared.  Like my reputation, I feel beige gets a bad wrap...  When asked what's the first thing people think of when they hear the word "beige" the most common answer was "bland."  --Not that I did a nation wide census, I asked like 2 people but the facts remain the same--  On the contrary, and I think Kim and Kanye would agree... seeing as they have both been spotted decked-out in beige tonal looks lately.  I find it chic, unexpected and sharp.  If anything, I think this Fifty Shades of GREY needs to calm down.  I mean this color doesn't even have a real name...is it "Gray" is it "Grey"? ...when you learn how to spell your name, then I will respect you.  To me, gray/grey will always just be a washed-up-washed-out black. 

Sunglasses RayBan // Hat & Flannel Vintage // Tshirt Born A Bad Seed // Joggers H&M // Shoes Nike // Bag Alexander Wang