Let me prefix this story by saying I don't condone my actions... and NY is very expensive!  With that being said...  When going out in New York, I would pre-game on the train.  That consisted of pouring vodka into a water bottle and getting shitty on the L Train (or even worse, the G Train.)  Classy, I know...but when drinks are $20+ for the short glasses, you-gotta-do-what-you-gotta-do.  This is obviously illegal, but it was highly beneficial for my bank account.  I literally felt like I was winning at life; outsmarting the system.  ...That was until after work one day I went to the gym...changed clothes, grab my headphones and water ...and off I went to kick the treadmill's ass.  Dying from my run, I grab my water and start chugging...but this wasn't ordinary was my vodka-in-a-water-bottle (from my night out!)  Not one of my finer moments...but it definitely spiced up the rest of my workout!   I definitely get my 8 glasses of (vodka) water a day!