23 Things I Hate (about you)

Same number, different decade.  I quit following the NBA after Michael Jordan retired...The first time.  Now everyone is claiming that Lebron James is the new Jordan....This annoys me...here are (#)23 other things that annoy me.

  1. Liars
  2. Going #2 in public.  This may be an overshare, but I just can't do it.
  3. When you have something in your tooth and you fuck up your tongue in the process of trying to get it out.  UGH!
  4. Tribal Tattoos
  5. When the laundry isn't fully dry and you have to put 4 more quarters for just needing 5 more minutes in the dryer
  6. The end of Happy Hour
  7. No show socks falling off your heel.
  8. People who are late.  My time is valuable, and if you are late that is disrespectful to me.
  9. Hangovers
  10. SALE.  I can never wait for anything to go on sale, so when I see something I bought marked down, it really pisses me off.
  11. Crunch Gyms
  12. Forgetting that one item you went to the store for!  Target- Why do I go in for deodorant and come home with EVERYTHING but deodorant?
  13. Psoriasis.  Literally destroying my life one day at a time.
  14. People who don't listen.
  15. The Sunset Blvd.McDonald's staff who when asked for ketchup, I go home to find one ketchup packet.  Not cool.
  16. Shoes that aren't Saint Laurent or Golden Goose
  17. Stop lights.  Life is too short to sit at a red light!
  18. Places that are "Cash Only"  -C'mon it's 2016 who carries cash?
  19. Cheaters
  20. Parking tickets
  21. DMV, Time Warner Cable & Wells Fargo Customer Service Representatives...yall are going to hell!  Pure Evil!
  22. When people say "You look tired"  ...I'm sorry.  I am living my life, you are trash with no friends and no life so I'm sure you are getting those 8 hours booboo.
  23. People who think Lebron James is the new Michael Jordan.