Scouts Honor

While scouring through the flea market, I came across this girl scout patch.  Me not one to shy away from a good impulse buy, had to have it.  I don't know if I had visions of Thin Mints...or Somoa cookies...but I treated myself(no pun intended).  After thinking about it, I would be a horrible Girl Scout:  1. I am definitely not loyal...I'm probably better known for jumping off the band wagon rather than jumping on.  2. I don't volunteer...If I'm working, you best believe I am getting paid for it.  3. I wouldn't be able to sell those cookies...the only thing I am selling these days, is my soul to the devil.  4. Lastly, and most importantly, I just have a feeling that I would be allergic to those awful green polyester costumes they wear.  Regardless, since I wasn't in the girl scouts, I never learned to sew, and therefor had to pay Len Lui to sew my Girl Scout badge on my RTH bag.  Len Lui was def a Girl Scout...Scouts Honor.