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I have already given up on my summer body.  Being cremated is my last chance at a smoking hot body.  Summer comes around, and I transform into Gumby.  For me, the summers are so hot, I literally sweat doing nothing.  The thought of going to a gym to sweat, is just a bit excessive for me.  The only place it seems to cool off, is going to a pool...  Which consists of a douchey Hollywood crowd. The juice-head's veiny muscles are popping with steroids.  There is a lot of impromptu flexing going on, and all their skin is a leather-like Tang-orange color.  Not my idea of a good time.   Me and my muffin-top will stay cool this summer driving around with the AC blasting in this muscle car; the only muscle I need.

Hat A/OK // Sunglasses Acne Studios // Shirt LAG Vintage // Jeans & Jacket Levis // Shoes Saint Laurent