Is Mercury Still In Retrograde?

...or is my life just falling apart?  I think I am bipolar.  Not in my mood, but my actual life is bipolar; Extreme highs and plummeting lows.  Whenever something good happens, a flood of bad is destined to commence.  It seems the greater the achievement, the bigger the disappointment will inevitable follow.  You may be thinking, the bad luck is the universe reacting to my shitty attitude... it's not.  I am a positive person, I am just being realistic.  If I didn't have this mindset, every time something shoddy happened, I would be upset... Knowing better days will come (sometimes it takes for fucking ever) is the key to getting by...that and a great vintage t-shirt.  Whenever I find a good Harley Davidson shirt, brighter days are sure to come!  Until then keep your head high and middle finger higher!