No Way Rosé

Can we take a minute to discuss Michelle Tanner?  And by Michelle Tanner, I mean Mary-Kate Olsen....because lets face-it, she is everyone's favorite.  Watching Full House present day is borderline painful.  The amount of cheese is cringe worthy.  I felt myself having legit Helen Keller envy while watching; that she didn't have to see all those atrocious hairstyles or hear Michelle's "You got it dude" or "No way José."  With that being said, there are so many unanswered questions...  How did that annoying little girl end up to be so chic and rich?  Where did that harrowing lisp go?  How did she get to 89 pounds?  -Me on the other hand had 3 lunches today.  How did she go from selling a line at Wal-Mart to charging $1,850 for a top (the Row)?  ...And why did she marry someone older and uglier than Danny Tanner?  But much like Michelle Tanner, if my friends ask "Do you wanna get drunk at brunch?"  My reply would be, "You got it dude"  ..."Do you want a Bloody Mary?  My response, "No way...Rosé"

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