They Don't Serve Champagne At Pity Parties

Why does everyone feel the need to write these long, drawn-out, depressing, "poor me" rants on Facebook?  Let me be the voice of reason and give you some advice:  A.) Nobody cares about you.  (You should simply be grateful that I accepted your friend request in the first place.)   B.) If you spent more time moving on, instead of dwelling on your pitiful life, you will be much happier.  C.) One more paragraph complaining, and I will block you.  -Facebook is simply used to show people I haven't gained weight since High is not a soundboard for your problems.  There may not be champagne at pity parties, but you are serving a lot of WINE-ing.  The only wine I can deal with, are these red-wine colored boots. 

Hat Brixton // Sunglasses Dior // Tshirt Vintage // Jacket Vintage Levis // Leather Pants Balmain // Shoes TopMan // Boot Belt Born A Bad Seed