Model Off Duty

Being a has-been, washed-up model, I have perfected the "Model Off Duty" look...because these days I am always off duty.  I like to say I retired from the industry, but in all honestly I just got old.  As I look at all the #NYFWM, I can't help but wish I was still in my prime.  I love New York during fashion week!  The city is taken over by leggy, fresh-faced, fashion models.  The energy in the city is high, and self-esteem is at a plummeting low.  It's easier to find a supermodel on the subway, than finding Mewtwo on Pokemon Go.  Hence making "Average Joe" look like Joe Dirt.

Meanwhile, at LA's Trashion Weak, the runway is full of 5'8" pear-shaped girls with fried hair... -that when put in heels, look like they got pounded by a donkey the night prior.  I literally saw a (male) "model" go to a casting in cowboy boots, and a wife beater.  Keep it classy kids.  A good pair of jeans, simple t-shirt, and good genitics.  -And if you are old, detract attention from your haggard face with these Yeezy Boost 350s.