I can't get "no."  ...satisfaction.  I could not agree more with The Rolling Stones on this topic.  Sometimes silence is the best way to prove a point.  Knowing you are right,  the other person is wrong, and simply moving on (silently.)  Apparently that's called the "high road."  I wouldn't know.  I don't get in confrontation often; I usually just "play-dead" in that situation; rather than getting in an argument.  With that being said, sometimes you just have to stick up for yourself.  I am a nice, kind person; I would give the shirt off my back for anyone in need's sad that there are (greedy) people in the world, who will take my shirt just because they can!  -And because it's fucking cute!  In those circumstances, I have no patience!  When good-hearted people get taken advantage of, is when I lose my shit.  I will make you cry using only my words, spit in your face, and call you ugly.  I may fall off the "high road" from time-to-time...but you can't keep a bad bitch down.  Satisfaction.

Hat New Era // Sunglasses Celine // Tshirt Pale Black Vintage // Jeans TopMan // Shoes Adidas