I <3 NY (Housewives)

I am so obsessed with The Real Housewives of New York.  I love a good train wreck, and one cast member in particular gives me that carnage... Romona Singer.  .  From the runway to the "revival" she never disappoints.  While we are on the subject, I feel it's my moral obligation to address a major epidemic affecting our streets... [the] "Romona Eyes."  What's going on with all these bulging eyeballs everywhere (literally)?  I was at the gym this morning ...and I don't know if it's an adverse side-effect to the 'roids ... or these guys were smoking crystal meth as a pre-workout supplement (before hitting the weights)...Regardless, these eyes need to calm down!  As the voice of a non-meathead, it is very distracting to work out when some of these guys haven't blinked in 12 minutes!  And baby-boy with those beedy eyes popping, your eyebrows are so high I feel like you are trying to give me a high-five while I'm bench pressing (just) the bar!...it's extremely offensive.  Get some eye drops for those poor eyes, and Turrrrrtle Timmmme!

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