People's minds are a crazy thing.  Since my brain is so stuffed full of wisdom and knowledge, I know my wheels are always turning (at a rapid speed) but I have to wonder about the natural public.  I literally saw a 500 pound woman walking around today in Daisy Dukes and a crop top...What are you thinking?!  Homme girl, I can see your C-section scar so your shirt is uncomfortably inappropriate!... Bless your (beefy) heart if you feel confident [in that.]  You inspired me to get a juice instead of that cheeseburger I was so craving.  Thanks!

I was helping a 5'2" girl look for jeans...She informed me of her problem in finding jeans.  Sure enough, every time she came out of the fitting room it was the same line, "do these jeans make me look short?"  I thought: No baby girl, the jeans aren't making your legs look short, your under-devoloped legs do.  I have a similar problem finding jeans; my legs are so long and gazelle like, that I can't decide which jeans to buy... they all look so good!  

The moral of the story is: nobody wants to see where your baby (literally) came out of, cover up!  And if you can't find jeans that fit, wear shorts.  This Top Man jacket and shorts combo will get you that [good] attention you so desire!  And always remember, if the clothing doesn't look good on you, it's most definitely not the clothing; it's your body.