Quick Change

For me I thought moving back to LA from NY was a good fit; I hate cold weather, I don't like rain, and I need my personal space.  But much like everything, the grass is always greener....and now that I am back, I wonder if my grassy knoll is in the wrong pasture.  This city has so many amazing attributes, but it's also a difficult place to live.  It is nearly impossible to find any sort of stability.  I feel like my life needs earthquake retrofitting (like the buildings) to give me any sort of support.  I am not one to deal well with change.  -And this city is made famous for it's fast switch-over.  There is always a newer, upgraded version, and old isn't something that is respected, it's replaced.  With that being said, people are constantly moving, buildings are changing...and somehow the dust never seems to settle under my feet.  I am left wondering...was that an earthquake or simply my chaotic life... Regardless, when that "Big One" (earthquake) does happen, and California does fall into the ocean...I am a certified Lifeguard, so I will be prepared to keep my head above water -much like my regular day-to-day living in LA.  I just hope these new Balenciaga sneakers are water-proof.

Hat Vintage Harley Davidson // Sunglasses Dior // Jacket Levis // Shirt Kelly Cole // Shorts Zanerobe // Shoes Balenciaga