KISS: my ass

I have a couple shout-outs:

  1. To the barista at Starbucks, who after asking my name 13 times still wrote my name wrong on the cup.  My name is B-R-E-T-T...NOT Brad NOT Brent NOT Brat.
  2. Ryan Lochte
  3. The Calorie Content Chart at McDonald's (It ruins my cheat day knowing how many calories I am consuming.)
  4. Trump Supporters
  5. "Fashion Girls" who wear gaucho pants.  We all know you are just hiding your meaty thighs.
  6. Group Texting.
  7. The Trader Joe's cashier who sees me daily and I.D.'s me every time I buy wine (which is daily.)
  8. Traffic.
  9. (M)actors at Crunch on Sunset Blvd. 
  10. Body Con Dresses.  Unless you are the size of Kendall Jenner, everyone is just staring at your gut...and that's not cute!
  11. Humidity.
  12. Short Cocktail Glasses.  For a $15 dollar cocktail, it better be the size of a Big Gulp or have a Roofie in it.  Those short glasses aren't getting me lit.
  13. People who don't like my blog.

My KISS t-shirt and Gene Simmon's approves this message to numbers 1-13 on this list to "KISS- our ass!"  Luckily for you, I have spent a lot of time on the stair climbing and doing lunges.