Rotten Apples

While I was at Trader Joe's I had a revelation (like that of That's So Raven when she has a vision)... Dating is the same as grocery shopping.  When I was younger and in my prime, I would only date those juicy, organic, beautiful, red apples (figuratively speaking).  It didn't take long for me to realize I am not Johnny Appleseed, and that I don't like apple pie.  Years later, I was at the same grocery store, same fruit section...yet all the organic fruit was sold out!  I was stuck rummaging through the brown, rotten fruit.  Shit, in desperation, I was even looking at the bruised peach that fell on the ground, and telling myself "it's probably not that bad."  It just got so depressing seeing the weekly Trader Joe's advertisement in the mail (aka Tinder) showing off the pristine pears; yet as I see the pears in person, they're rotten to the core.  These days, I am going through life avoiding the grocery store entirely.  Instead, I am headed straight to In N Out Burger.  -It's always fresh and tastes great. 

My look is all black like my heart, and is in wake of all those hungry folks who settled for the rotten fruit in the grocery store... who now wish they were vegetables in their own life.

Hat Neff // Sunglasses Dior Homme // Shirt Oak NYC // Pants Top Man // Shoes Saint Laurent