I really try to keep my emotions null.  ...Try to keep my cool.  People look so ugly when they are in hysterics, and even worse when they cry!  Not only are they physically upset, but they then fall into the category of "Social Suicide."  Not to say I am void of emotions, -that's what alcohol is for.  -But if you break my heart, I will break your neck...OR I'll just post a passive aggressive Instagram quote.  My favorite is "And one day, your name didn't make me smile anymore."  Depending how sober I am, I will simply post the picture (knowing full well they will "get the hint")...but god forbid I am drinking my sorrows away, then I will sure as shit tag that person in that picture!  Once I wake up and revisit my actions, I pray I can un-tag before anyone sees, or it's as bad as public-ly crying, but to thousands of people!  That's no longer in the realm of "Social Suicide" that is like "homeland security" level-shame.  Don't break my heart and we will have no problems.

Hat Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses Rayban // Tshirt Rag & Bone // Jacket Zara // Pants H&M // Shoes Golden Goose