I'm In Shape, Unfortunately That Shape Is A Potato

Luckily for me, I love potatoes....mashed potatos, french fries, baked potatoes...all sound good to me.  Unlike the people of LA, I am not scared of a complex carbohydrate...  It's quite sad, it appears if you have a 6 pack in this town, you have made it!  Fortunately, I have a radiant personality... most of these butter-face bloggers have the body, but the face is busted.  They have fashion blogs with thousands and thousands of followers... wearing Hanes t-shirts and ill-fitting jeans...Thankfully I can cover my potato body with cute clothes, while those Felicia's just look like Mr. Potato head!

Hat New Era // Sunglasses Acne Studios // Mat Lululemon // T-shirt Top Man // Shorts H&M // Tights & Shoes Nike