Midlife Crisis: Sk8 or Die Edition

Midlife crisis: Some men dye their hair, some men cheat, and some men buy muscle cars.  Unfortunately I don't have any hair, sadly I'm single, and I am still paying off the impulse purchase, I call my Jeep.  I needed to do something to get out of my rut and feel young; so I bought a skateboard.  Don't tell my mom!  My mom would probably prefer me get gang tattoos rather than a skateboard; knowing how accident-prone I am.  I must say, I got on that skateboard and I was a natural curb squirrel!  I felt like Tony Hawk...My talents...endless!  I may be getting older, but I am dumb as ever.  I bought this little death trap before my insurance kicks in next month...so in advance, you send all my early birthday gifts to Cedar Sinai Hospital. 

Hat Neff // Sunglasses Dior // Jacket Levis // Tshirt LAG Vintage // Jeans Levis // Shoes Saint Laurent