Soulmates > Postmates

LA and I have a love/hate relationship.  Whether I stay or move away, the unappeasable distance between us is always on my mind.  There is something to be said about a soulmate.  The force is beyond our rein.  I can't help but feel the bond between us is so magnetic, that we are constantly on the same page. It's as if the city takes over my emotions, and the weather reads what is written all over my face.  Sometimes, we are way too hot for our own good, some days we are bone-chillingly cold...and right now, my mind and Los Angeles are flooded.  Plagued with big decisions, lack of sleep, and stress coming at me from all corners; I'm a mess...-Much like the rain is doing to the Hollywood Hills, our roads, and my shoes.  Like a soulmate, Postmates are always there for me when I need them most.  Do I want Taco Bell delivered to my doorstep?  Hells Yas!  But unlike a soulmate, I do not need those extra calories, and those extra delivery charges.   

Hat A Kurtz // Sunglasses Illesteva // Hoodie & Undershirt Oak NYC // Jacket Diesel Black Gold // Pants H&M // Shoes Golden Goose