...and You'll Think Of Me

So many people come in and out of our lives.  Sometimes distance separates us, sometimes we grow apart, and sometimes I quit texting.  Any type of relationship should be equally involved.  I am aware of what I bring to the table...-I am the fucking table.  You are guaranteed a good time, with lots of laughs, and a photo-library full of Instagram-worthy pictures.  I don't ask for much; a little effort goes a long way.  We've all been in that situation when we run into a person we haven't seen in ages, and they ask "Where have you been?  Why haven't you called?"  ...First of all, the phone works two-ways...Secondly, the last time I called you, you didn't call back.  I shouldn't be the one constantly initiating conversation.  Hanging out with me is a gift in itself.  Yet, if I don't text you first, we don't text at all.  So to answer your question "Why haven't I called?"  
-"I'm having more fun playing with myself."  [Drops the mic]

In my absence, you are probably following my life on Instagram (with the other 26 thousands people in the world).  I imagine every time I post you reminisce of all the fun times you had with me...and I bet every time you see a vintage Harley T-shirt (I have a vast collection) you think of me.  But since you don't know how to communicate like an adult, and I'm done trying...those days are over.  My outfit today is one of my signature looks...to refresh your memory of just-what-you-are-missing...and to add salt to those wounds.   

Hat paa // Sunglasses Ray-Ban // Shirt Pale Black Vintage // Jeans Zara // Shoes Golden Goose