Raindrops on Roses...

"...And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things."    -The Sound of Music was a little too hippie-dippie for me.  That bitch wearing a curtain dress needs to get her head out of the clouds... I'm more of a less want / more need type person.  -So I give you a list of my essential "Favorite Things."

  1. Fuck Ivy & Everything Else-  I love books and this book is so inspiring to have around to flip through for ideas. 
  2. Note Pad-  I got this Urban Outfitter notepad and I am obsessed.  The leather makes it durable to throw in my bag.  With my A.D.D. when I have an idea I need to write it down immediately -before I get distracted... That cloud looks like a unicorn...
  3. Crystals-  I don't know about all the spiritual powers of crystals, I just think they look cool and sparkle.  (I think I'm gonna get some criticism with that explanation)
  4. Casetify-  I recently got an iPhone 7 Plus, and I love making my own custom cases, and these guys never let me down!  CARA 4EVA
  5. LeLabo Santal-  This has become a signature for me.  My friends always comment about my scent (in a good way)...  It's just the right amount of clean and musk...and lasts forever.
  6. Succulents-  I'm obsessed...My apt is covered in plants and I can't seem to quit buying more!  Hoarders...
  7. P.F. Candle Co.-  These candles smell amazing, and I am super into their packaging.  They fit the vibe of my apartment perfectly!
  8. Jewelry-  I love buying jewelry.  To me they are investments no matter how inexpensive/expensive.  Sometimes a bland outfit just needs some accessories.  These are some of my favorites: Vestal, Giles & Brother, Jennifer Fisher, Miansai.