Frozen 2

This weather got me feeling like I am in the movie Frozen... (Side Note: this was written last week when it was 40 degrees...luckily today it's back in the 70's)  I feel like that fat-shapeless snowman in the movie in all my layers of designer duds.  I am waiting for Elsa to quit singing "Let It Be" and tell that bitch to "LET IT STOP"!  I did not sign up for this.  -And I don't have the appropriate attire to keep warm!  This reminds me of my first year in New York... 

Let me paint you a little picture..."It was Halloween, and I was accustom to getting in the best shape of my life, and incorporating as much skin into my costume as possible!  (In Los Angeles it's usually still in the 80's during Halloween).  Needless to say, I worked out hard and luckily in New York food is my Halloween costume (and body) were coming together perfectly!  I decided to be a Treasure Troll!  Fully anatomically correct with a giant plastic butt.  I take Halloween very seriously.  When Oct. 31 rolled around, NY was in full-blown winter mode. I didn't want to cover all my hard work (i.e. my body) with a jacket, so I decided not to modify my costume... and just drink until I didn't feel cold.  The alcohol helped me get real drunk til I felt numb... it wasn't until the next day that I realized it wasn't the alcohol that made me feel numb, it was the weather.  I literally had hypothermia, and my self-tanned skin was bright blue.  3 weeks of a flu was all worth it... because I had the best costume New York City has ever seen."  (See Photo Below)

Hat Neff // Sunglasses Rayban // Jacket Zara // T-shirt Pale Black Vintage // Pants Zanerobe // Shoes Yeezy Boost