I know it's over when I don't even want you when I am drunk.  I want everything when I am drunk.  -More alcohol.  -Attention.  -Food.  Once I wanted food so bad after a night out that I got into a verbal altercation at the late night pizza place because the troll in front of me ordered the last slice of sausage!  -And you can only imagine the wrath they received when the pizza place didn't have ranch dressing for me to dip my pizza in.  Blood bath!  But pizza is always good, people aren't always so good.  I am so tired of giving people all these chances.  I literally feel like Candy Crush.  These people run out of lives, and somehow I end up spending more time and money buying more lives just to keep playing their stupid fucking game.  Not anymore...this year my money will be much spent on Facetune, vodka, and vintage Harley Davidson t-shirts (like this one below).  Game over, loser.