Push'n Buttons

Today I was going in an elevator, a father and son were walking toward the elevator, so naturally I held the door (such a good samaritan.)  As I was going to press "P4" the father anxiously said..."can he press the button...he loves pressing the button"  This fugly toddler went ahead and pressed all the elevator numbers...  We stopped on every single floor.  When we finally got to "P4" the dad apologized and [me] being naturally annoyed, I simply responded "I'm sorry... you're stuck with him!"  I guess people don't like when you talk shit on their children... no matter how ugly they are.  -But the whole situation got me thinking...  At what age do we quit getting joy out of "pressing the button"  cause there are a lot of grown ass adults still pushing my buttons.  While I regain my composure, It's In N Out and liquor.  Thank you and goodnight.