I just made up a new word: "Bro-menting"- The fermentation process of bros.  And the demise of civilization.  You can find these ferral dogs chest bumping, belching, or in our nation's office.  It seems the uglier they are, the more of a douche bag they become.  I don't know how this species still exists.  I blame the drunk girls in the club, who go home with them.  I blame the sales associates who sell them True Religion jeans.  -And I blame the bogans who voted for him [Trump].  

I see these meatheads at the gym on the regular.  It really makes me question if I should just quit the gym and become a morbidly obese shut-in.  Seeing the buffoons flex and grunt in the mirror makes me truly understand the mindset of Jon Benet Ramsey's parents.  Luckily, karma does the dirty work for me [this time].  They will have to overcompensate their manhood when it shrinks with all those steroids.  ...and when he gets impeached.     

Hat Brixton // Jacket and Jeans Levis // Shirt H&M // Shoes Golden Goose