Every Rose Has It's Thorn

How ironic, roses are so beautiful, yet they have these sharp thorns.  I don't appreciate irony.  My life consists of dead flowers and a lot of pricks...no pun intended...It's my view on humanity.  The best way I can describe my theory, is a beaten dog at a shelter...Fritz was born into this world a cute, happy puppy.  From the stress of trying to get a bone, and the ramifications of abuse [the world has put Fritz through] his tail is now between his legs.  Fritz now bites before he barks.  Life can really test your limits; and sometimes it gets too much...I mean we all saw Britney's 2007 meltdown... These days, It doesn't take much to make my blood to boil...from having to deal with the "pedestrian public", to traffic, to seeing someone wear flip-flops in public..  anything and everything can set me off.  Not enough roses, and way too many thorns.