Big Little Lies

Admit it, we all lie.  I hate lairs.  I lie all the time.  Maybe that's why I hate myself so much, J/K.  In my defense, I only lie to avoid hurting someone's feelings.  "Do I look skinny" -YES!  "Do you think he likes me" -YES!  Do you like my new Michael Kors bag?  -YES!  In my head, I know that the scale doesn't lie, if he's not texting you back -he's not interested, and I'd rather carry my wallet in a trash bag than that purse.  ...But these are innocent lies.  -And usually I end up telling everyone the truth after a few drinks anyways, so I would still call myself an honest person.  The lies that hurt are the emotional ones.  When someone is well-knowing they are hurting you;  but string you along because they are heartless and enjoy the attention.  We will have to wait and see what happens to those lairs on HBO's "Big Little Lies", but I can guarantee it will be childs-play compared to what I am capable of.  Game on.