Drink. Don't Drive.

Wine.  Now cheaper than gas.  Drink.  Don't drive. 

I'd rather stay-in alone and drink my wine with good company (myself)... than venture anywhere.  Gas prices are at an all-time high, and my patience in the "pedestrian public" is an all-time low.  Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they have survived up to this point in their lives, while being so stupid?  Why haven't they died?  How do they even have a job?  How?  It's shocking and scary that these invalids are not locked up in mental-ward.  My shirt says "Babes ride out" and if I was behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle, I would love to run these Felicia's over!  On a side note:  I've really been getting better with my anger management!  #BeepBeep